Friday, June 24, 2011

Ways to make money with your articles

Making money online comes in so many dimensions. In otherwords, one can earn aliving online in diverse ways one of which include Article writing submission and even marketing
However, you can write an original article and make money from it in diverse ways which include but not limited to

1. Outright selling of the article
2. Submitting articles to article sites and earning residual click income
3. promoting other people's goods and services while also collecting affilliate returns
4. Writing relevant articles while inserting inline ads, google adsense, adclick,chikita and so om and so forth
5. Part right selling. This is selling a right to use your article wholly or briefly without losing your copyright

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

bed bugs

Bed bugs  are blood sucking vampires in the insect realm which can be found anywhere including homes, churches, schools and even in hotels
These social insects  can live in almost any dark or hidden places
Although bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, yet vt6hey needs to be eradicated quickly because of their blood sucking capabilities and social disturbance, they needs to be eradicated with the speed of light.
The foremost step in eradicating bugs is to first determine their presence, the extent of their infestation. Below are other ways to eradicate Bed Bug infestation
Clean or discard any unwanted material that attracts the insect.
Search and transport bugs to safe place before spraying with powerful Insecticide that could pose threat to humans
before vacuuming everyday, always  scrub your bed sheaths and floors to help remove the presence of bed bug eggs. :  vacuuming  could be used to Suck them from their hiding into your vacuum cleaner.
Always wash you linings with boiling hot water to kill eggs.
Block any holes in the walls and floor to reduce hiding  sites.
 Always wash  Infested bed sheaths  and clothing with hot water ( at least 47 Centigrade)
Lastly, the best and most reliable solution is to seek professional help for advice.